FCCCPC - Discipleship and Leadership Seminar
Praise Report

We the FCCCPC is one FAMILY OF God WORKING TOGETHER to make more & better disciples of Jesus Christ. We are thankful of our God and your prayers for we have 46 Servant's Leaders from our member community. We from the Living for Christ Community sent their Youth and Core leaders, KATE ANN GUILLERMO, CAMMILLE PAMINTUAN, MARY JOY CADAVIDA, KEVIN RABAJA, MARK SIA, ANTHONY JAMES GUILLERMO, MINDA PILIEN, ANTONIO PILIEN, EMMA FORTES, RODELIA CLAVEL, NORMA SEGUI, GINA PICACHE, ROBERTO GUILLERMO, MARY CATHERINE GUILLERMO AND EVELYN ABUTAN. Praise the Lord, in fact, it's actually the largest delegation in the history of the FCCCPC Seminar. Kudos for our youth group, someone saw them as a model of youth power for Jesus Christ.
Don Quilao, our Servant Leader and an International Speaker talked on the core content on Discipleship and Leadership. Deacon Bob Rosales presented the Magisterium of the Church and testified his conversion as one member of the highest place in serving God. Last, Fr. Ben Ebcas Jr., despite a hectic schedule on his Parish in Our Lady of the Assumption Church he discussed about Discipleship and Leadership in the doctrinal point of view. After the group session, each group was thankful about the Seminar, it paved the way of a good relationship with God and relationship with each other.
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Catholic Life in Spirit Seminar

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you, your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

The Living for Christ Prayer Community offered the Life in the Spirit Seminar to all parishioner of Toronto. It begun by a Casting Prayer and the spiritual anointing to the Holy Spirit. It was so effective, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us. As we prayed a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a new life has sprung it was as if the Lord was saying "this is my people".

Casting and Annointing Prayer

Oh, Lord you are kind, merciful and you are slow to anger. I am a sinner and humbly I asked for forgiveness. Fill me a clean heart and give me vision at all times to see things like You do. In Jesus' mighty name, amen.

Introduction of Charismatic Life in Spirit Seminar

Frequent questions will be answered in this topic. Such as the vision and mission of the Charismatic Life in Spirit Seminar, what are the expectations.

Pope Francis told to the priests during the 37th National Convention of Renewal in the Holy Spirit (Rome, June 1-2, 2014). : run Life in the Spirit courses : I expect from you to share with all, in the Church, the grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. By doing so, we are reaching out to all. At the end of the Seminar, I believe the participants received the gift of tongues, healing and other gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful and moving occasion. I saw delegates who had never waved their hands before, lifting them up.
Faith is a force, a mighty drive that penetrates into the power of God. Faith is a gift from God, not a product of what we do. I find great faith in a great Jesus. The greater Jesus is to you, the stronger your faith. Through faith in His Name has made us a man strong, who you see and know like Christ. Yes, the faith that comes from Him has given us this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. Jesus said: "Unless anyone is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." (John 3:3). That, we must be baptized by the living water and received the spirit of God. (Acts 2:38, 41). Many occasions when He healed someone, Jesus said, "Your faith has made you whole.: Or, "Be it done to you according to your faith."

Our Birthday Gift to Jesus for 2018 CHRISTmas

The Living for Christ Prayer Community Christmas Party held on December 21, 2018 at the St. Peter's Church Auditorium. Our Celebration of the Birthday of Jesus was soul-elevating and gave a heaven and earth meets. It stirred our prayer group to be faithful to our God giving our powerful Testimonies that Faith in God even in your bad times works. By doing this, we give our birthday gift to Jesus and proclaim his greatness.
The dawn of His Highness is upon us. All of us experience darkness where the trials and difficulties of life is upon us, but there is always hope that lies ahead. The presentation will show the presence the sounds of victory of praises (Magnificat) that recognizes that there is a God who leads us to a triumphant life. It is a chorus of testimonies of our prayer group members proclaiming the fulfillment of the covenant. We acknowledged this is Christmas a season of thanksgiving, an act of gratitude offering our praises and worship to our Great I AM. Our testimonies is our love offering to Jesus's Birthday that will deepen our relationship to him. Our prayer is that may God continue to bless this family of God, lighting our way, leading our journey and be a vehicle of transformation to those who believe in eternal life. May our appeals echo His faithfulness and steadfast love which enable us to serve him without fear. Because I believe something good will happen to our prayer community.
To God be the Honor, Glory and Praise.

Oh Jesus, your presence is heaven to me.

Looking backward in our Living for Christ Prayer Community. I recalled on one homeless lady who came to our prayer meeting. We welcomed her and right away she felt the bond of love and touched by the feeling of belonging. Sister Gina came every Friday without missing to praise and worship our God. She also comes down and joins our internal and external activities. She is pleased and asked me how to pray and keeping Jesus as the center in her life. Joint effort of all the members and showed solidarity and help, they gave gifts and monetary help. But one time, we noticed that she was absent for two weeks; we asked our Spiritual adviser and told us; she succumbed to pneumonia. We also caught surprise and learned that she was a wealthy woman who has much money in the bank. As a family of God, we felt the sadness and offered a memorial mass.
Eternal rest grants unto Sister Gina, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her May her souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Our Daily prayer - Three O clock Hour

The Living for Christ Prayer Community celebrated "Divine Mercy Sunday". All devotees lauded the annual plenary indulgence and celebration at the St. Peter Catholic Church at Bathurst, Ontario, Canada. Someone realized it through the tireless efforts of men willing to be workers with God's vineyard especially tireless pastoral work of the Parish with full cooperation of the Holy Redeemer Choir and the Living for Christ Prayer Community. It was a special occasion where Our Lord's Divine Mercy Sunday grants forgiveness of all sins and punishment on the Feast of Divine Mercy for even the most hardened sinners!
We commemorated God's infinite love and mercy where in 2014, Pope Francis canonized two Popes to Sainthood as he presided over the ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica declaring Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII saints.