"Catholic Charismatic Renewal: An incredible experience during of the Life and Spirit Seminar"

"Come Holy Spirit, fall afresh on me"

"Straight from the Heart "

Before attending The Life in The Spirit Seminar on May 22/23, 2015, I was feeling very emotionally stressed and burnt out that I almost didn't go, but a still small voice inside pushed me to go and I was very happy I did.

The talks given by Brother Don Quilao, Fr. Joby and Fr. Bernard were so informative and inspiring, expanding from the Words of God, that they cut straight through to my heart and convicted me of the areas in my life that I needed to change. I came to understand that my true high calling in life, no matter what my profession, is to be His representative and role model on this earth - to think, speak and act as a Christian who loves the Lord, to everyone He puts in my path.

But to think, speak and act like Jesus, we first have to get to know Jesus.This is a very high calling, that only by His grace, not ours, can we slowly be transformed, for without Him we can do nothing. This takes great commitment and a desire to spend some Sacred time with Him everyday, feasting on His Holy Words, digesting them and quietly listening to Him, spending good quality time with Our Father.

I came to understand that our hardened hearts can never be changed unless we renew the thoughts in our minds with the Words of God and this is a continual process for the rest of our lives.

Fr. Bernard gave me a clearer understanding of the gifts of The Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is our gift from God, our companion to help, guide, direct, protect and instruct us and we need to be attentive to His promptings everyday of our lives.

I could feel the life-giving effects of God's words being watered inside me and I began to feel refreshed and alive again.

When we all prayed to invoke The Holy Spirit to come upon us and I had the laying of hands on my head, I felt a tingly vibration throughout my whole body and the tip of my tongue rolled up and started quivering and I could not stop it so I knew something amazing was happening and I just allowed it to flow. I felt so joyfully invigorated and grateful for this sensation of The Holy Spirit. Praise be to God !!!

I truly appreciated the boldness and courage of those who gave their personal testimonies.They really touched my heart by sharing their struggles which we all are not immune to. Their perseverance and trust in God for His Divine Providence and Healing and not giving up on Him, made me feel very hopeful in knowing that with God all things truly are possible and that miracles still do happen today! I love seeing the transformations in peoples' lives and I understand it's a work in progress but it gives me sheer HOPE!

The music choir was amazing and uplifting with their choice of songs. Praising God while singing made me feel like I was praying twice.

It was also so refreshing to see the youth that attended and I pray that God will bless them to reach out to as many young people as they can for the glory of God and I know He will surely bless them for their witnessing and loving efforts.

Last, but not surely least, I want to thank The Living for Christ Prayer Community for their incredible hospitality.They are all so loving and welcoming, true examples of Christ's love as they made me feel so relaxed and at home which helped me to be open and receptive to the grace of God.

I go forward, trying not to open the doors of my past, daily praising God for His goodness and seeking Him for a spiritual heart transplant so that I may become more and more like Him everyday!

God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

God bless you all!
with much love and thanks,

Mary f
Mary F.

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