"Christian Forgiveness - Anger Management by Hazel D'Souza

Praise Adonai - 2017 Highlights


Forgiveness takes two parties - one to seek for it. Between you and God, you are constantly on the appealing position, and he is constantly on the giving part. If you are sincere, you are guaranteed of God's forgiveness. No matter what mistakes you've done. God promises he will get rid of the blemish of your sins. When God forgives, he doesn't sweep your sins under the carpet; he washes them away. Psalms 86:5

"Praise Adonai 2016-2017 "

Every year, the ‘Praise Adonai’ was hosted by Saints Peter and Paul Prayer Group. It was held at Don Bosco Secondary School on December 31, 2016. The 14th year 2016-2017 event's theme was " Now to Him who by the Power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine ". (Ephesians 3:20). The program began with the Holy Rosary and followed by a praise and worship lead by the Sts. Peter’s and Paul Prayer Group choir.
As we spend a few hours before midnight, the choir lead the Praise and Worship. The choir contributed and enhanced the celebration by specially selecting meaningful spiritual songs. It was led by the servant leader Olympio Fernandes together with Desiree D’Cunha. It was truly soul-searching and gave the over 500 members of different prayers groups in the Archdiocese of Toronto participated in spite the cold weather. It has always touched the hearts of the faithful. This was followed by the well acclaimed catholic charismatic preacher, Sr. Hazel D’Souza who focused on the supreme prominence of Prayer. Healing and adoration were the second focus of the event, where we brought our aches and pains to God.
There had a special program for youth organized by the young Seminarians of St.Augustine’s Seminary. They entitled as “Trap” Spiritual Skit based on Jesus’ forgiveness to the Adulterous Women. The audience were astounded and amazed by the performers who acted their role with confidence and iconic performance. The lovely voice plus an outstanding acting by Nicole D’Mello was rated a showcase with dramatic flying colors reviews.
Holy Mass took place at midnight by Fr.Edwin Gonsalves, Rector of St.Augustine’s Seminary of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Fr.Joseph Ugochukwu Alozie, CCE, Fr. Ravi and assisted by Deacon Sarfaraz Pinto that was actively participated by all who attended the event. Fr. Edwin delivered a meaningful homily focused on God’s love, Mother Mary and New Year Resolution! The excellent Prayer Group Choir truly helped the congregation to celebrate the first Holy Eucharist in the New Year 2017 with great devotion.


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