"The Power of Love"

Youth Presentation
Praise Adonai - 2014 Highlights
Hosted by Sts. Peter and Paul Prayer Group
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Treasures UNCOVERED.

Christmas is much more than the celebration of historical event in Bethlehem. It is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ that is our central focus. Our youth presented the festivity in portraying the incredible love to God by dancing and dramatization on the God's power of love. They focused on total dependence upon the mercy and grace of God. Our youth expressed feelings and emotions towards GOD that held their faith. The audiences were delighted by their performance, as they delivered their creativity in spreading the Gospel of the love to Jesus Christ.


"Turn down the Noise and Turn up the Spirit of Peace" by Rev. Fr. Edwin Gonsalves
"Healing Explosion" by Fr. Joby Kachappilly VC
"Living in the Spirit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving" by Fr. Joby Kachappilly VC
"You are God's beloved" by Sr. Hazel D'Souza
Praise Adonai - Preview
Youth Presentation - Power of Love
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